LED Mood Lighting


Uplighting is how I make your venue personal to you, by incorporating your chosen colour scheme and washing the walls of your venue to match. This also works very well to make stunning architecture stand out, if your venue is in a castle for example. The uplighting service that I provide includes the use of high powered LED fixtures and it really does create the ‘Wow’ factor. There are endless possibilities in terms of the colours I can achieve. You can choose to have multiple colours if you so desire.


Generally, I install the uplighting at your venue in the morning, which means that everything will be in place for your arrival from your ceremony. All of the fixtures that I use are LED, low powered but with a high output. These can also be dimmed to your requirement.

I have a stock of 50 uplighters, however the average amount needed is 10-15 depending on the size of the room. It works well if you have these at a static colour throughout the daytime, and then when the party kicks off, we can have them flashing to create a real party atmosphere. These fixtures work by colour mixing or CMY, and the colour can be changed by the click of a button. All of my uplighters are computer controlled via DMX.

I am able to provide uplighting as a single package on its own, if you have already chosen your DJ, or the DJ is being supplied by the venue. If you are using my services for your evening entertainment, then I am able to reduce the cost of my uplighting service for you.

My price for uplighting includes installing the uplighting in the morning or early afternoon, so that everything is in place when you arrive at your venue. I will also set up the equipment for the evening entertainment, and set your chosen colour wedding colour scheme.


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